1. Albert Flores – Chief Meteorologist of KENS5 San Antonio
    “Biway, reminded me a great deal of my own production company that I had several years ago. It also consisted of a few talented, motivated and dedicated individuals that made working there a pleasure.”
    “I would like to extend my offer to you and your fellow employees to come by and watch a “live” newscast and break bread. I will not forget how helpful everyone was…and how intent they all were, to make sure that I came away with a working system. Believe it’s hard to find any company that cares as much about their customers. Trust me, I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my video friends.”

  2. Waldo Cedillo – Multimedia Director of Cornerstone Church
    “I am sending you this letter to thank you for the incredible editing systems that Biway Media has configured for our project needs. For the past two years I have been doing business with your company, your immediate technical support, advise and prices have been invaluable to help me meet all my deadlines.”
    “Now the great news is the fact that the one systems you built two years ago has not missed a beat in all the editing sessions I have had. The software and hardware were all assemble for a trouble-free editing environment. As a result I haven’t had to call you for practically any technical support.”

  3. Malik Rasheed – President of “Fight For Life” (non profit organization)
    “One of my greatest fears when I decided to purchase a new computer was I would not be able to receive accessible tech support. However, thanks to Biway and your extremely knowledgeable stuff. My fears were instantaneously removed.”

  4. Marshall Parker – Program Development Director of Houston Media Source (non profit organization that operates Houston’s Public Access Television Channel)
    “Please be advised that Biway Technology, Inc. is a business of good reputation and operates with sound business practices. I have found their organization to be helpful and resourceful in meeting our business needs. Biway Technology has been the successful recipient of several bids that we have extended to local and national dealers.”